The Adventures of Kirby: My Mom and I is a story told from the perspective of an adorable Yorkshire terrier puppy who loves his life. Although he sometimes gets into mischief, his mom gives him unconditional love and takes good care of him. Full of innocence and adoration, Kirby tells about his relationship with Mom and tenderly reveals a bond with her that is near to spiritual. Filling each page of this delightful story of friendship, caring, and faith are photos of Victoria Holt Abramson’s precious dog, Kirby, surrounded by the stylish illustrations of Bryan Chung. Cleverly hidden within the pages are twenty-two of Kirby's favorite toys.

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About Kirby

I was born in Virginia, just like my mom. I am a pure black and tan Yorkshire terrier listed in the Continental Kennel Club where my furry parents’ names sound very regal, Lord Gizmo and Callie Queen. When I was younger, I attended Dog Obedience-I and Wild and Crazy Dog Obedience to get my doggie training to be a good dog. I definitely am a “people dog” because I would rather hang around fun people than other dogs. My favorite things to do are taking a walk, playing soccer, and making my mom happy.

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About the Author

I am a Southern gal through and through. My roots are strong and deep in historical Virginia, and I am proud of my upbringing in my little town of Hopewell, near Richmond. I attended the College of William and Mary and earned a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts. Later, I earned a Masters of Arts in Teaching at the University of Louisville. I am now joyfully retired from my teaching career with little children in public school. There is time to tutor in my home, dance to my heart’s content, travel to parts unknown, grow pink and purple flowers in my garden, and serve in my beloved church, Faith Community Church. My two grown boys, Tim and Jake, are a source of immeasurable pride and joy. My Kirby-Boy and I live most contentedly in Valencia, California, always looking for a new adventure.


Victoria Holt Abramson captures the warmth of relationship that a dog brings into every owner’s life. Kids will love the beautiful illustrations by Bryan Chung and enjoy searching for twenty-two of Kirby’s toys hidden throughout the book. Parents will appreciate the subtle hints of God’s great care for us. Each one provides an opportunity for deeper conversation with your child. If you are a dog-lover, I highly recommend this book for your family. If you are not yet a dog-lover, Victoria just might win you over.
— Stephen and Shannon Jackson
The Adventures of Kirby, My Mom and I, is a delightful picture book about the positive and loving relationship between the author, Victoria Holt Abramson and her dog, Kirby. Written from the point of view of Kirby, an adorable medium-sized Yorkshire terrier, the story sheds light on the close, personal friendship shared by the author and her puppy dog. Throughout the story, the reader feels the warmth and gratitude they have for one another. The book is filled with humor, mutual appreciation, and unconditional love. In addition, Bryan Chung’s endearing illustrations will enhance the good vibrations as young children and their parents enjoy this book.
— Kirk Jay Mueller
Two PAWS up for The Adventures of Kirby, My Mom and I written by Vicky Holt Abramson and illustrated by Bryan Chung.

This heart-warming book about the loving bond between a pet and his “mom”/owner will be embraced by both children and adults -from preschoolers up through the elementary years. Dog-loving adults will also want to share this with their children, grandchildren, and others. Librarians will find lots of readers who want either a fun story or help with successfully owning a pet.

Children will have fun with the page about Kirby trying hard to please but occasionally falling short & many will try to find Kirby’s toys on each page. On a deeper level, children will be reassured that, like Kirby, there is someone (God) who will always be there to love them.

Bryan Chung’s use of actual photographs of Kirby placed on his whimsical, colorful artwork is a visual pleasure and might even lead to children creating some interesting picture stories themselves. Another perfect touch is the picture of the author with Kirby at the end.

From the title page with dog bone words and a paw print to the last page with Kirby receiving a big hug, readers are in for a real “feel-good” treat!

This fetching new book is one DOG-GONE good read!!
— Maud Ann Wilson

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